Xillain Corvus

Black haired, crimson eyed, Elven Crow Mage.


Name: Xillian Corvus
Ethnicity: Elf
DOB: 2046-10-26
Age: 25
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 65kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Crimson
Class: Mage
Parents: Valery and Darik Corvus
Hometown: Denver


The Incident
The year is 2071 60 years into the Sixth Age
The month is February, the place Denver.
The snow has yet to be melted and, over everything, an icy layer that helps keep the peace.
The sunset casts the snow into a fiery orange, as if it was aflame.
Our main character a dark haired and pale complexioned Elf. He has a piercing crimson gaze, a color that unsettles those that look into his eyes.
Currently he seems to be more interested in a crow that watches him from accross his families estate, than the sunset.
Behind him a man appears that didn’t seem to be there a second ago. He is shrouded by a modern styled robe, but is obviously an older Orc.
“Good evening Xillian,” the Orc nearly whispers.
Xilliann lets out a sigh, “Good evening again.”
“Have you given any thought to my offer?” The Orc breathes.
Xillian removes his fixed gaze from the crow and settles it on the Orc, typically people feel a bit unsettled by this action, but the Orc doesn’t seem to notice.
“I have.”
“And?” The Orc looks pleased.
“Leaving my family seems like a betrayal, even if it is to work with you Nicholas.”
“If you choose to stay, here with the artifact, it will only lead to ruin. There are forces beyond our control that seek to breach our protection of your family. Will you not help us counteract this invasion?”
“That is exactly why I can’t leave. I’m here to help protect my family and the artifact, I can’t leave when they need me the most.”
“Very well, if you change your mind you know how to find me.”
The man disappears.
Eight months later
Xillain is in his families library and is reading a book on the nature of bird spirits.
Suddenly there is a loud clap, like thunder but smaller.
Xillain shoots out of his chair and heads towards the sound, he only gets about 2 steps before shadows come in through the walls, he sees them and knows these spirits are not friendly. He starts to cast a spell but it’s too late. He suddenly collapses to the ground as if he weighed a thousand killograms.
Something is forcing him to pass out, before he loses consciousness he feels himself being lifted away and then flying over his estate.

When he wakes up he is in a strange bed in a dark room.
Nicholas is standing near by.
“Master Xillian.. You did not head my warning and now we all reap the consequences.”
“What happened”
“You were too weak to stop them, in fact you did not even sense them coming. Luckily we had guards nearby to stall them, and… a certain someone took pity on you.”
“Where are my parents?” Xillian gets up out of bed, still clothed in the long jacket he was wearing earlier.
“We do not know. It appears they were taken somewhere, but we couldn’t track them. But that’s only half of the problem.”
“The artifact..”
“Yes boy.. The feather is missing.” The Orc appears to be agitated even though he speaks quite softly.
“What can I do to help?”
“The time for us to do anything is over. This task now falls to you, the one that the feather was entrusted to. In this you will not receive any help, this is your task alone. You will not have our help until a certain time as we see fit.”
“Where…Where do I start?” Xillian seems lost.
“Well you can’t go back to your estate, as that is an obvious place they will find you. At this moment you have been filed as dead, but I doubt anyone is going to believe that. We do have a lead for you though, one of our little birds saw the same group of Moonlight Avengers and the same C-260 flying into Seattle. We think they landed in a private section of the port there.”
“Seattle!” Xillian looks like he wants to go right now.
“Yes, Seattle, you’ll need to get there on your own. If it’s known we’re helping you, we could start a war, and that’s not something anybody wants.”
“I’ll leave now!”
“Silly boy, you have no money, you have nothing. We’ve prepared a bag of some basics and given you some money to work with. You’ll find them at the end of the bed. Good luck.” The Orc disappears and with that, Xillian is left to his own devices.

Xillain Corvus

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